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Power Coaching


Power Coaching


Power Results!


If your sales managers haven’t discovered the power of field coaching reports, let’s talk about the potential you have right under your nose!


The Need


Too many coaching reports focus on account details more than the rep. That’s not COACHING.


Too many coaching reports sound like performance reviews.
For reps who need advice, that’s often just fault-finding.


Too many coaching reports offer only vague generalities.
“Nice job!” has no impact on performance.

Check out a new Case Study.




Maximize the impact of the field coaching report process you already have in place. Here’s how you can do that.


Step One:

Include Power Coaching, a 2-hour training session, as part of your next regional meeting. Since managers have to complete a report for every field visit, why not show them how to add more value to their reports?


Step Two:

Ask us to provide follow-up personalized coaching reviews on new reports.


Step Three:

Direct reps to actually USE the coaching reports. Research has proven that people are more likely to remember what they hear (your curbside coaching!) when they also see it in print (your new valuable report!).





If you prefer, we’ll train your regional directors and/or your trainers to deliver Power Coaching either face-to-face or in phone conference calls. Included in our licensing agreement is unlimited coaching for your trainers. They may call or email us to ask for advice anytime.




When managers learn simple ways to build strong direction into their reports, you can expect to see results like these observed at a major pharmaceutical company:


Before Power Coaching, 23% showed strong direction.

After Power Coaching, 80% showed
strong direction.


Clients have identified three significant business outcomes:


  • Better performance yields increased sales.

  • More time to focus on strategy and the bigger picture.

  • No surprises at performance review time!

Learn More



Strengthening Field Coaching Reports

This case study describes a client’s six-month initiative to improve coaching reports. It illustrates pre-and post-training assessments.


Sales Coaching in the Cloud

This article, published by Life Sciences Trainers and Educators Network, explains the thinking behind Power Coaching.

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