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Typical Feedback

“Rachonne tends to wait for the   project leader to come up with all the   ideas. The team is not benefiting   because she doesn’t share her   experiences or provide advice.”


Likely Outcome

  Rachonne’s behavior will not change.   She feels like her manager is just
  finding something negative to say.


POWERformance Style

While you may be hesitant to speak up,
  remember that you’re there to contribute
  to the team. Share your experience and
  provide advice early in discussions, then
  let the project leader take it from there


Likely Outcome

  Rachonne understands what she can do
  to improve her performance and acts on
  that understanding. She feels like her
  manager cares about her success.




Outstanding managers get results from performance conversations because they know what to say and how to say it. And, they follow up with coaching in writing. They’re natural coaches. But that’s not the case for most managers.


POWERformance makes it easy for all your managers to build communication skills that impact performance. In this 90-minute discussion-based training session, managers learn a new performance language—a coaching language that turns the past into specific direction for the future. A language to use in face-to-face check-ins, coaching emails and performance reviews.


Six POWERformance Principles provide the framework for the “how to” emphasis of the training. Here are two:


  • Connect behavior with benefits and results for the person and the company.

  • Direct the person to take action—coaching to highlight the outcome desired more than the problem experienced.


Our secret sauce is our Smart Start Toolkit™. This is a simple system to help managers “plug in” their valuable insight. Easy-to-remember word prompts lead them into future-focused coaching comments.

Trainer Certification



For long-term practicality, we’ll train your trainers to facilitate POWERformance. Our partnership with you may include co-branding, master certification, reproduction rights and translations for your global workforce.




Clients tell us they’re seeing:


  • Positive attitudes and expectations

  • Improved behavior

  • Healthier relationships between managers and their teams

  • Reduced turnover

POWERformance Blog



Check out recent posts about best practices in performance-related writing:


  • Trading Places in Check-ins, Follow-ups and Reviews

  • Maximizing Check-ins

  • How to Write Future-focused Performance Reviews




Here’s what managers are saying:


Coaching emails are easy to write, and they work!


I never realized how simple it is to turn negative comments  into positive direction.


“POWERformance isn’t just practical. It’s life-changing!”

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