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POWERformance Reminders

Reminders for Sales Coaching Reports


Quick Tips to Keep You on Track


This 18-page spiral-bound job aid offers suggestions as well as key words to help managers take a new approach when writing check-in follow-ups and performance reviews. Sample sentences provide ideas that save everyone time.


Here’s a sneak preview of three pages.

A Valuable Learning Aid





$25.00 plus shipping and handling. In quantities of 20 or more, the discount price is $21.50. We accept major credit cards via PayPal.

To Order

Please visit our online store. If you have questions, use our Contact Us page or call us at 973-822-8400.




Using It With a Group

Team Leaders and Trainers: Combine this with any managers’ meeting. Ask everyone to bring two performance reviews. When you spotlight specific Reminders pages, people can search their reports for places to apply each suggestion.


Add a group activity that combines role playing a performance conversation and writing a follow-up coaching email.

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