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About Us

Everything we offer has evolved from a core focus at the start of our company more than 25 years ago—communicate with business goals in mind. One of the most common questions we’ve asked our clients over the years is, “What do you want this to do for you?”


Frequent check-ins, performance reviews and sales coaching reports should result in performance improvement. We make that happen.


We hit the nail on the head when we created our Smart Start Toolkit™. Using simple word prompts, managers turn activity-based comments into behavior-based comments. With Smart Starts, they focus on the future, and they find it easy to coach in writing and in person.


Besides our subject matter expertise, what do we bring to the table that’s important to you? Energy. Enthusiasm. Organization. Caring. Quality. Pure Intent. As one client told me recently, “You truly are our partner!”


Most important you can expect exceptional results.




Joy Van Skiver

Founder and President

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