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The Email Companion

The Email Companion


How much time do you spend reading, writing
and responding to email?


Based on data from the McKinsey Global Institute, it’s more than 25% of each week. Sure, you’re addressing business concerns in those emails, but think of the potential gains if you could shrink that time by even 5%.


The 64 tips in this 38-page spiral-bound user’s guide will help you take control of email. Don’t let email control you!


Here’s a sneak preview of four pages.





$25.00 plus shipping and handling.

To Order

Please click here to visit the order page at If you have questions, use our Contact Us page or call us at 973-822-8400.


A User’s Guide to Business Email




Using It With a Group

Team Leaders and Trainers: This “quick read” fits perfectly in team meetings and training sessions, Since email is the lifeblood of business, talking about it in any business setting makes great sense.


When everyone in your group knows how to use email effectively, productivity increases and communication improves. People creating email take less time to write reader-focused messages and receivers take less time understanding them.

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